Red Reflet Ranch, Ten Sleep, Wyoming

©Paulette Phlipot

©Paulette Phlipot

©Paulette Phlipot

©Paulette Phlipot

Are you looking for the perfect, quiet getaway, something a bit different than what you usually do?   Red Reflet Ranch is the perfect working ranch and luxurious Guest Ranch/Resort. I was lucky enough to be introduced to it when the owners Bob & Laurence Kaplan invited Pamela Sinclair (author of A Taste of Wyoming) & I for a weekend. They hosted an amazing book signing reception for us. The response to A Taste of Wyoming has just been amazing!  Meeting such wonderful people such as Bob & Laurenece and being introduced to such a beautiful area of Wyoming is a perfect example of the overwhemling positive response we have received since A Taste of Wyoming has been released. Bob & Laurence encourage their guests to particapate in the preparation of meals.  This does not just consist of cutting up a few vegetables in the kitchen.  They have a greenhouse, garden, orchard, butcher shop for their ranch raised beef, chickens, eggs, the list just goes on…  Rudy and I even managed to find some wild watercress on our hike on Saturday afternoon.  We brought some back for everyone to enjoy in the salad that evening.  Needless to say I felt right at home at Red-Reflet-Ranch and am very thankful for the kindness and friendship of Bob & Laurence Kaplan.


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