Chuck Williams, Founder of Williams Sonoma

©Paulette Phlipot - Chuck Williams ringing the opening bell.

©Paulette Phlipot - Crescent City Farmer's Market

What is it that you look for when checking out a new town or city for the first time?  Well for me it’s the local grocery store (preferably locally owned) and if it’s the right time of year the local farmers market.  These two places can tell you so much about a place and the people that live there.  Needless to mention I love taking time to cruz the isles of a grocery store. It’s the adventure of discovering new and sometimes old and forgotten products.   My friend Pat Tanumihardja (a very talented freelance writer) and I visited the Crescent City Farmer’s market for the first time together.  It was a great introduction to some of the local people & farmers of New Orleans for me.  Regardless of where  Farmer’s Markets are I feel they always give you such a great sense of community no matter how large or small the market may be.  This morning I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Charles “Chuck” Williams, the founder of the Williams-Sonoma company and author and editor of dozens of books on the subject of cooking.  Chuck received the Lifetime Achievement Award the previous night at the same IACP awards ceremony where I was awarded the “Best of Show Award” for photography.


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