Denim, Diamonds & Dresses

©Paulette Phlipot

©Paulette Phlipot

It is true that I photograph a lot of food.  But what some might not know is that I do often photograph non-food items.  Here’s a great example in the Sun Valley Guide summer 2008 issue.  Michael Ames the editor likes the way I approach details in my food photography.  So when he asked, “how about fashion”,  I jumped at the chance as it’s always fun doing something different, and I think it’s healthy to diversify your work.  So instead of being packed with produce the studio was packed full of diamonds, jewels, denim, dresses, sunglasses and lots of shoes!   I think it’s good to cross over in your photography like this because there is always something I can take into a shoot from all of my experience of photographing food and then there alway seems to be something I can take away from photographing non-food items that I can than bring into the creative experience the next time I shoot food.   I love to capture spontanity in my photography.  In food this is rather easy because it’s always changing.  (sometime for the better and sometimes for the worse). I allowed the same spontanity to happen in this shoot.  It was late and we were working on “one last shot”. Haley Andrews , the prop sylist had stepped into the scene as a model for more of a lifestyle photo incorporating several of the items being featured.  We tried a couple of things and they were OK. So for some reason I said, “I’m curious, can I see you do a little jump”.  WOW, I did not know the girl could leap like she did. CLICK and that wrapped up the shoot and it became the opener for Sun Valley Style.


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