Purple corn at the Farmer’s Market.

©Paulette Phlipot - Purple Corn (Maiz Morado)


©Paulette Phlipot - Chicha Morada

I met Cecilia and crew at the Farmer’s Market today. The chilled Chicha Moradas they were making were the perfect drink to enjoy in the shade on this warm July afternoon.  For those of you who may be asking, “what is a Chicha Morada”?  It’s a drink made with purple corn, water, pineapple peel, fresh squeezed lime juice and green apples & sugar to taste.  Next you may be asking, “purple corn”? Here is what I can tell you from what I have read: Purple corn is a variety of maize, it is a crop that is native to the valleys of the Andes mountains in South America.  Studies have shown that purple corn can help to regulate blood pressure and prevent colon cancer.  It contains one of the most active antioxidant substances in the vegetable world. Promoters even claim it can help fight obesity.  Regardless of the health claims or not I surely enjoyed my Chica Morada! Here is a helpful blog I found with more info on purple corn.


4 thoughts on “Purple corn at the Farmer’s Market.

  1. i love chicha morada!!! i got hooked on it when i visited peru last year. unfortunately i can only seem to get it at peruvian restaurants. must find a way to make it at home. hhhmm… pineapple and green apples don’t sound like typical peruvian ingredients :). congrats on getting the blog up and running!

  2. Yes, the pineapples peel and green apple is how Ceciia’s is making her chicha morada’s here in Idaho. I don’t know any different but it seems to add just the right amount of natural sweetness so that not too much sugar has to be added.
    I think I just may need to go to Peru to taste more!

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