I am back from IACP Denver.

This photo reminds me a lot of what I feel like right now… flowing with excitement and anticipation.  The annual gathering of International Association of Culinary Professionals produced another great motivating week.  As much as I love email and cyber communication it sure was nice to be able to have face to face meetings.  By the way if you think you’ve seen this chicken before you probably have – it was an out take for the SV Guides Chefs and recipe story for Chicken Senegalese.  You will soon see it in the new ad for the Roosevelt Grille – Ketchum, Idaho.



©Paulette Phlipot




2 thoughts on “I am back from IACP Denver.

  1. I’m just getting around to sorting pics, resizing, poring over notes…things come on their own time. Sure is nice to cook a meal in my own kitchen tonight. Braised lamb shanks and local white beans, new asparagus. Hello Spring!

    And the Red Sox won and the Rioja was lovely. Ahhh.

    Hope your travels home were uneventful and it was really good to meet you. Looking forward to when our paths will cross again.


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