I love a rainy day…

When I awoke this morning  I was overjoyed by the low clouds and moisture that had settled in overnight.  My cup of coffee felt even warmer in my hands and tasted even richer as I held it tightly and quickly sifted and responded to the emails that were patiently waiting for me this morning.  Several hours had passed and before I knew it is was time for me to head into town to photograph Idaho’s Bounty’s new farm Stand in Ketchum.   The moisture in the air and the peaceful setting that Julie created made such a welcoming environment for me to settle into too.  To share the enjoyment of my day I have posted a few photos for you to enjoy the day the way I did.



©Paulette Phlipot


©Paulette Phlipot


©Paulette Phlipot


©Paulette Phlipot

©Paulette Phlipot


©Paulette Phlipot


©Paulette Phlipot_PPP3179_PPP3158

©Paulette Phlipot


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