I was sitting there looking forward, directly at the blank white canvas of the seat in front of me as I felt myself  leaning more and more towards the window as the elbow of the man sitting next to me bumped me as he adjusted his seatbelt, turned the page of his book, well basically every time he moved.  It made me begin to ponder about a can of sardines and that old saying.   Since my body was already leaning towards the wall I decided to lean my head up  against the window and before I knew it I was dosing off to sleep.  I welcomed the peaceful thoughts as I rested and allowed my mind to think about something other than comparing this airplane to a tin can. 

That squished feeling soon faded into a memory as I opened the door to this suite where I was staying at the Vail Plaza Hotel and I quickly allowed myself to settle into it’s pure luxury. 



©Paulette Phlipot


©Paulette Phlipot


©Paulette Phlipot


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