Happy Halloween from my friend Mae!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a spontaneous photo shoot of little Mae.  Her beautiful mother was in my studio modeling for an upcoming magazine story on exercises that help prevent ski injuries.  As we were finishing up the magazine shoot  Mae and her father stopped by.  Mae was instantly attracted to the pumpkins and nasturtiums that are sitting on the windowsill in my office.   Here’s what happened as soon as she sat down with the pile of pumkins… I’m thinking she may have been watching the World Series with her dad the night before, she sure has quite the arm for a two year old!  Enjoy!  


©Paulette Phlipot


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from my friend Mae!

  1. Paueltte – You are so amazing – you capture the most beautiful images in just the right moment – so natural and uncontrived, and perfect!

  2. Thank you Pam! Yes, there is something about candid images and freezing that glimpse of time in a picture. I really prefer capturing candid moments and at the age of two thats pretty much all you get. Got to love the innocence of it all. Glad you enjoyed the pics!

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