Spilling the beans…


I am very happy and excited to be able to tell you about my newest project!  In fact I should be calling it “My Dream Book”.  The book will be called RIPESatisfy your lust for fruits and vegetables with 75 fresh recipes and hundreds of simple combinations.    It will be a colorful, photo-heavy book dedicated to fresh produce.  Yes, this means I get to spend endless hours photographing fruits & vegetables!  And to top it off I get to work with the very talented & witty food writer  Cheryl Sternman Rule.  Those that know me well know how much I have always loved fresh fruits and vegetables (well except for peas at a very young age).   And yes, it’s true I often eat salad  for breakfast. So it’s probably unnecessary for me to mention the hundred other reasons I adore fruits & vegetables and why this makes me so happy.   But  I would like to add how ecstatic I am to be collaborating on this book with Cheryl as I know my photography is going to be driven so purely by passion and I know the strength and charm of Cheryl’s words & recipes and I know how they will be the perfect platform and compliment.  To help understand my happiness I suggest visiting Cheryl’s blog: 5  second rule especially if you’d like to read her post about our book deal!
A huge thank you to Jenni Ferrari-Adler of Brick House Literary Agents in New York and to Geoffrey Stone of  Running Press for giving us this opportunity to produce this unique book!

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