Portland Farmers Market

Indeed the best farmers market that I have been to!  Sorry Moss Street Market in Victoria, B.C. you are right behind them in a very close second place.  After having a fabulous and stimulating week attending the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) annual conference which included me doing a presentation for photographers and stylist’s about  Online Portfolios on Wednesday I was really in need of some rejuvenation.  For some it’s sleep, some reading a book as they lay in a hammock, for me it’s disappearing in a market like this with my camera. Enjoy  my photographic journey of the Portland Farmers Market at PSU.

I really try to edit down photos before posting so that it’s not so overwhelming, but the  response to the photos above has been so outstanding that I thought why should I be the only one enjoying them.  Why not share more?  After all it just seems to bring smiles to everyones face.  Enjoy and thanks to all the wonderful farmers, growers and producers that provided such great subject matter!


4 thoughts on “Portland Farmers Market

  1. Thanks Robin! I enjoyed spending time with you adventuring through Portland. No, I never did get a chance to try one of the famous crepes. But I did have an artichoke & cheese tamale. It was so filling and delicious. Looking forward to visiting the market again – crepe this time for sure!

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